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Recruitment Process

We have an extensive computerized data bank which is updated on a regular basis. We are, therefore, able to short – list candidates for our Clients to source and short-list suitable candidaes. Short-listed candidates are then called for the interview on the date confirmed by the Client.

Interviews can be conducted in any part of India depending on the category and number of candidates required by the Client. Trade Test facilities are also arranged for Testing of Tradesman, as per Client’s requirement from renowned and recognized trade Test Centres. Post selection service include obtaining acceptance of offer from the candidate, pre-departure Medical Tests from reputed Medical Centers / Consulate referred Medical Centres, endorsement of Visas from respective Embassies / Consulates, Emigration clearance, ticketing etc. Also counselling is provided to the selected candidates about his Employer, his job as well as the general information about the Country he is travelling to take up employment.


As per Government of India Regulations, it is mandatory for all the Overseas Clients wishing to recruit manpower from India, to provide the following documents to the Recruitment Agency prior to commencement of the recruitment process.

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